Our CSR commitments

We have built our packaging company with a long-term vision, adopting a responsible approach in each of our activities.

We minimize the amount of material we use in the design of our boxes.
We carefully select French and European suppliers who share our strong values.
We manufacture our packaging in France to offer our clients the shortest possible supply chain.
We continuously innovate to minimize the use of plastic in favor of greener materials.
We help each of our employees to fully thrive within our team, in a pleasant, secure, and friendly work environment.


Aware of our responsibility towards the environment, we strive to develop solutions that are more respectful of the planet and use materials more sparingly, while meeting the expectations of our customers.


We continuously innovate to reduce the use of plastic, by designing new paper and cardboard padding systems, and to minimize the use of raw materials, by manufacturing boxes without covering paper.


We believe that long-term success is built on a strong ethical foundation. Honesty and transparency with our customers are part of it, and we are committed to always being clear and open about our production methods, materials, and business practices: we believe our customers deserve full awareness of the products they choose.

This ethical foundation naturally extends to our employees, to whom we provide a safe, respectful, and stimulating work environment.


We aim to promote a work environment where diversity is valued, respected, and encouraged.

In addition to our internal commitments, we are proud to collaborate with Sheltered Workshops and Support Services, demonstrating our commitment to integrating people with disabilities into the value chain of our company.


As manufacturers, we have a moral duty: to look far beyond the manufacturing and delivery of our products. From the very design stage, we must consider the environmental and social impact of all our actions.

This strong commitment involves considering the complete life cycle of our products, taking into account the recyclability or biodegradability of the materials we use.

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