An age-old

Gilding, also known as hot stamping, is an embellishment technique that provides a prestigious finish to each packaging. Originally practiced by hand as early as the 12th century for illuminating manuscripts, we now carry it out in our workshop using our gilding press.


The enhancement of packaging through hot foil stamping offers numerous creative possibilities, both in terms of the variety of techniques we master and the wide range of foiling films at our disposal.

Flat or curved foiling, metallic films, glossy or matte pigmented films, or even holographic films: this noble process adds uniqueness to each box or case.


The application of hot foil stamping requires the production of a die, also called a hot stamping die, to replicate the shape to be stamped.

The substrate is then “stamped” in one of the hot foil stamping machines in our facility. The film is heated, and strong pressure is applied to transfer the foil onto the cardstock or paper, creating a raised or recessed impression depending on the chosen technique.


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